Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Sparkly Hero

Savannah was having a particularly rough day and decided to go for a walk to clear her head. Taking a stroll through the forest was the perfect thing to do in these kinds of situations for the fresh air and beauty always took her mind off her worries. Along the path she came upon a very curious cat. She acknowledged the cat by giving him a quick pet and thought nothing more of the furry fellow. She was enveloped in the beauty of her surroundings and hadn’t noticed that the cat was following her until she bent down to smell some beautiful flowers. As she bowed her head she came nose to nose with the purest of white cats, again. She gazed into his blue, blue eyes and wondered what he could possibly want. So she pondered a moment and decided against all the crazy thoughts racing in her head to ask him. She started something like this, “hello little friend what strange forces bring you to me this fine day”? The cat stared back and Savannah started to laugh, which startled the cat a bit. He sat on the soft grass, opened his mouth and began to speak to her, or so she thought he was speaking to her. She scrunched her eyes shut, blinked a few times wondering if he was still there and if she really heard this cat speak to her. She opened one eye first, then the other and swallowed hard as he was rambling on of how he had been searching for her. She glanced around feeling silly, realizing no one was around to witness this strange interaction, she decided to sit and listen to this strange and very wise cat tell of his journey to find her. He proceeded to tell her that she had been granted a wish to receive special powers and he wanted to know what she wished for. Was it the super hero powers of flight and strength that I wanted or something more “Sparkly” he asked? What a Sparkly hero was, she had no idea, but she could not inquire she just had to choose. Gosh, what to do she thought, well she had always wanted to be “sparkly”, special so she chose this one not knowing what powers she would receive. He whipped his tail round and round with a flash of light and suddenly pink dust enveloped her. She was scared to death, but held her breath until the transformation was complete. She longed to be a beautiful, strong and confident woman. Being a super hero was sure to lift her spirits on this particular day that’s for sure. When the last flashes of light disappeared and the dust fell, strangely the cat was gone. Poof, like a ghost or figment of her imagination he vanished. Had this happened at all she wandered. Savannah finished her walk and headed home, she couldn’t wait to look in the mirror and check herself out. She opened the door to her flat, raced to her bedroom and stood in front of the full length mirror that occupied the far corner of her bedroom. Sadly she looked the same, so she decided to curl up in bed to ponder what her super power – hero status “thing” was that was bestowed upon her. Thankfully as her mind raced with questions, her eyes grew sleepy and soon she fell into a deep sleep. When she awoke after a very long and restful nights sleep she realized what her super hero powers were. They were to realize who she always had been and who she’d forgotten herself to be long ago.

I am “Sparkly Savannah” with the confidence of a born leader, the courage of a true fighter and the knowledge of better things yet to come. She was born the power of realization and awoke to her true self.

The Moral of this story is that you don’t need talking cats, flashing lights and pretty pink dust to believe that you posses super-hero powers. You already own them; you just have to believe that you deserve them.

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Chris said...

Exactly, although sometimes it helps if a superhero fable shows you that you have this ability, right? :)

Stay strong!