Thursday, November 13, 2008

Finding my way

I'm trying to get back into writing and am having a hard time doing it. I think I need a break from work to get back my life, thoughts and happiness again. I need to find my way and not pressure myself to write or it will become a chore and I don't want that. My posts have been to help and/or inspire and when you don't feel all that helpful for inspired - I don't know what to write. There have been a few posts about when I struggle, but mostly I try to be uplifting or I try at least. Even if I feel down I'd post, but to feel nothing - it's strange.

I have a half day of work tomorrow and am getting to gether with a friend and am off the week of Thanksgiving - hopefully I'll find some inspiration.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dear Stranger

It sure has been a crazy past few months. Work has been more than I can handle and I've withdrawn completely inside myself. I can't help it when things spiral out of control, I go with it. I can only manage so many things at a time and lately I have fallen through the cracks, well I'm back...I think! In life out of control days are 100 percent guaranteed. So it makes sense to plan for them, make use of them and learn from them. Otherwise you'll end up wasting those days and therefore wasting a part of your life. When that mood surrounds me, the temptation is to take the easy way out, to curl up in a ball and wait for the dark times to pass (not always the best approach). I found that I missed taking the time to blog/journal! It's a way of documenting what I really care about, a mental breathing space to think about what is going on and place to bring things into perspective. Sitting here tonight, in this moment, reminds me of how important it is to check in with myself. This is a record of what I have experienced and a wonderful way of helping myself get out of the shadows and back into the sun.
It's certainly worth the effort.