Sunday, January 25, 2009

I guess, if you say so...

I was cleaning the other day and found some old material/assignments from when I went to counseling. It was to ask friends and family what they thought of me since my perspective was impaired. Of course reading the comments then was like, "whatever" or "what are they thinking" that's not me. I never really saw me for me. Even now, it can be hard to see myself as how they described me. Some days are great and some days are not so great. I'm kinda having a not so great day. Nothing in particular, but I just feel a little down is all. So, I thought I'd dig out those papers again and let you know what others see in me as I'm having difficulty seeing myself as anything nice.

I don't know where to start...But, how about even before you were born...I had always wanted to be a when I was blessed with a beautiful baby girl, all of my dreams came true...And you continue to fulfill my dreams...with the beautiful and intelligent young woman that you are today...Don't ever sell yourself short...your talents and abilities are never ending...Let me see just where do I about a content made it so easy for me to learn how to become a mom and your dad was ever so fascinated with your tiny fingers and toes...he was always looking at you...with great pride in his eyes...Everywhere we went with you...people would stop us just to look at you and to comment on what a beautiful baby we had...And as I remember people would offer to buy you...Not a chance...You were and still are our pride and joy
As you grew you were always so helpful...and when you became a big became an outstanding little mother. And that carried through into your babysitting seemed to be the most sought out babysitter in Medford. Not only were you loved by the kids you cared for...but by their parents as well.
You are a fun loving person...i remember so many times you and I laughed until we cried...and the ability to make people happy and bringing them laughter is not a quality that comes easily to everyone...
Don't let me forget empathy for others...I don't think I will ever forget how you cared for my mother when she was dying of and I made many trips to the cities and back...throughout grandma's illness, you were always willing to go with me and you were never afraid of what you might see. You combed grandma's hair...put make-up on her...did her nails, anything to make her feel better...and anything to let her know you loved her...Thank You...And you followed suit with great grandma Olson when she entered the nursing home...always combing her hair and wheeling her about the halls and making friends...what would I have done without you...Thank You Again...And not to mention your cat mittens who loved yo so much she had her kittens in your sleeping bag while you that shows intense Love and Trust...And the intense caring and love you showed to your dog Kibbles...I'm sure Kibbles is one of your guardian angles...
And not to mention best friend...Sandy you and I have shared many feelings and experiences together...and how special it is to have a bond with someone you know you can tell anything to...and know that person can be trusted with whatever feelings or secrets they have shared with one another.
You are an adventurer, conquering many great challenges...moving to California, so far away from home and to become a mother to four small children who had a mother of their own who didn't care about them. Those kids are better people today because of the impact you had on their young lives...You had to make a home with strangers...that's not an easy mission.
You are a survivor and that includes changes of all kinds. And you will grow - And you will endure because you are loved so much by others...and we all need you...Surviving your last car accident proves that you are a survivor.
God has a greater plan for you...and part of that plan is to continue to be the outstanding Aunt Sandy that you have become to Nicholas and Griffin...and Nicholas said it best "he is thankful for the love of his Aunt Sandy. I can't think of a higher tribute...what a special and important family member you are.
As you can see I could go on forever...and I still need to mention Ambitious...Reliable...hardworking...Dependable...Effecient...and Dedicated...But above all you are lovable - not because I'm your mother, but because they are true.
my mom

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