Sunday, January 25, 2009

I guess, if you say so...

I thought last night of how easy this "assignment" would be, given the fact that you are my best friend and I love you a lot - but as I sit down to write to you I realized the "hard" part might be knowing when to stop listing your good qualities :):):) You mentioned that someone had told you that you had beautiful eyes and you didn't know if that truly counted as a good quality - but I'm sure that it does! SANDY YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL PERSON!!!!! ( Just wanted to make sure I had your undivided attention!) The average person would have no problem deciding that, you are attractive and pleasing to the eye (i.e. EYE CANDY) that much is just common sense - it doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize that!! Now while all of this is well and good and fine (not to mention a little easier when trying to attract the opposite sex) your outer beauty is not what I see first and foremost when I look at you!! Maybe that is what the person was referring to when she/he mentioned your eyes but when I look in your eyes I see so much more!! Here is what I see...............
I know a girl who is incredibly caring - always one to ask how everything is in my life, regardless of what's happening in her own!!
I know a girl who is sweet and loving -- always with open arms for a big 'ol hug and kiss for her best friend!!
I know a girl who is fun and energetic -- who everyone always enjoys being with and spending time with!!
I know a girl who is considerate -- who is genuinely concerned with others feelings and desires!!
I know a girl who is giving -- not only of material things but also of herself and of her time, which is something that can be scarce!!
I know a girl who is trustworthy -- which I've personally learned over the years can be worth it's weight in gold!!
I know a girl who is hard working - who can be found working 12-15 hour days to complete an assignment or task!!
I know a girl who is determined -- who can get what she wants when she wants it (without using the whiney voice)!!
I know a girl full of strength -- even though she may have only just broken the tip of the iceberg with this one, she'll soon come to fully understand her own!!
I know a girl who is incredibly courageous -- who has expressed more (for #1) in the past six months than most in a lifetime!!
I know a girl who is ALL of these things and so much more. A girl who when she looks inside needs to see the same beautiful person the rest of the world sees on the outside, but also needs to see the same beautiful person that those really close to her see!!! I love you with all of my heart, I'd do anything for you because I know you'd do it right back for me if I needed it! Consider yourself the "Onion" ((no not the most beautiful of fruits mind you, but yummy just the same(at least those of us with taste)). and as you peel away the layers of yourself you will begin to see what the rest of already know!!! YOU ARE GOOD!!!! YOU ARE WORTHY (even more than most) of love, long lasting real love!!!!!!! SO START BY LOVING YOURSELF! MAYBE, JUST MAYBE YOU'LL SEE WHAT THE REST OF US HAVE FOR SO LONG AND YOU TOO WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU!!
I love you and respect you for your newly founded courage and strength
Robyn, best friend

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