Sunday, January 25, 2009

I guess, assignment

As you will hopefully read below, this was an assignment for counseling many years ago.
not many of us hear good things about ourselves
or we don't allow ourselves to hear the good things said to us.
I'd like to try this again, with your help!
To see what you have to say about me.
How I've grown and changed since the sickness of the past nine years.

A couple years ago...
I found my way across the poppy fields.
Straight to the Emerald City to visit Oz,
and to get a huge dose of courage.
I have made a huge transformation and hope you have seen it too!

If you are a friend visiting my blog, please email and tell me and tell me who I am.
When I get your response:
I promise to shut Ed in the closet and really hear what you are saying to me.
It will feel amazing to realize who I am through your eyes
and to not always have Ed telling otherwise.

Thank you in advance if you are willing to do this for me. I love you!


Georgia B. said...
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Georgia B. said...

you've changed a thousand ways.

some big, some small.

but every one good.

i can't list them all.

here a few.

you're more thoughtful.

you are more sure.

you are less closed.

you're becoming more pure.

you were you then.

and you are you now.

getting better with time

and more precious somehow.

you have always been worth

my investment and time.

please don't forget that.

don't lose your shine!

i love you.


Chris said...

I think you are a strong and loving person. You are a fighter and don't give in easily. You are human and know when you're struggling, but you also know how to reach out to those around you. I am glad to have met you and to have the chance to read your blog :)

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

Hi, I've just happened here via several other blogs...
all I can say is you are one helluva lady and I admire your courage (in fighting this terrible illness) and your incredible generosity (in reaching out to help other sufferers) - keep up the great work and thanks for sharing..:)