Saturday, September 20, 2008

Falling for Fall

Fall has never been a favorite of mine because I know what comes next.

I DO love the heat and everything summer has to offer. It lifts my mood and cheers me instantly.

I DO hate cold, damp weather it creeps into my soul and does nasty things to my mood.

This year I'm going to love fall for its beauty. Everyone gushes about how pretty fall is and usually I roll my eyes and think; "oh how I hate winter". I'm going to repeat to myself fall is not winter--enjoy the beauty.

Here are some pictures I took this morning on a beautiful walk alone. I enjoyed every moment with my camera and I hope you do too!

Me, enjoying this beautiful morning of solitude

A friendly bench where I read and wrote in my journal

A dragon fly resting for a moment so I could capture his beauty

Amazingly beautiful fall leaves

"Bee"coming peaceful with myself on this journey

Pretty purple flower OR weed, whichever -- it's still pretty to me

Captivating white flowers

Well, that was my morning's journey!

Recovery has brought me peace of mind, a tranquility within myself that now makes these alone moments special.

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