Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Inspirational Sandwhich

This blog contains food for your soul.

It is meant to be nibbled and tasted in no particular order.

It is a chance for my soul to speak, a mood captured in time, something that is visible.

To invite my fears in, then tell them to sit down and shut up!

I am in the midst of learning to face my fears. It seems that fears are based on these things: illusion and future thinking, with a side-order of "what if." Yes, fears must be respected and learned about, but they must not paralyze us or lure us into a half-life of being afraid all the time. Once you face a fear, it looses all of its stuffing and will sit quietly in the back seat and do as it's told. I feel that fears drive us away from our true selves. I used to live in denial of my fears and tried to cover them up with a "happy face." I now see that my greatest growth is happening with an acceptance of my fears, of giving them a voice and learning new ways to deal with them. Thank heavens for therapy, self healing and God helping me to unravel my fears because its a process that I'm afraid to do alone!

I like to take the impossible and make them possible. I believe that we need to go where we want to be and the resources will follow us.

Impossible means I'm possible!

I love to journal and blog because it helps me to discover and uncover myself, to encourage my bravery, sort out my difficulties, to invent new ways of being and seeing. I believe that we can use our pain to transform and give new form to the deepest, most damaged parts of ourselves.

All of my friends inspire me and I believe that inspiration can illuminate tiny parts of ourselves and help them to grow.


Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

beautifully put, my friend!

this is my favorite entry yet.

keep it up! what you are saying in your road to recovery will be what helps another and then another and then another . . . in their recovery!

yay! i'm so happy to see this post after the last one you wrote!

Chris said...

Here, here!

I love what you had to say, and I heartily agree with everything. I know some days are hard and others not so hard (are they ever easy anymore? maybe) but getting it out on paper (or blog) definitely helps. And you get to hear from so many people and their take on a particular subject.

I agree with Georgia, this is definitely an uplifting and encouraging post :)