Monday, September 1, 2008

Relentless Commitment

I did not reinvent my life all by myself -- the support and commitment of my closest friends made it a cooperative effort. The transition came with uncertainty and pain, but the results speak of the boldness of my commitment. Notes from "Live Boldly".

Each day can present itself with challenges, but it is how we face them and move through them that counts.

This weekend is a particularly hard one for me, Labor Day that is. It is the weekend that I both got married and divorced, of course with a couple years in between. Since then it has been a rough weekend, memories flood back to me and it can be quite unmanagable (even after eight years). So, I lean on my support team and muddle through the feelings.

Because of my "relentless commitment" I've made it through another Labor Day weekend.


g-bug said...

Yay! And I was part of that—just as you helped me through what was also a difficult weekend for me. It shows how when you help others, it ends up helping you! :)
Your flowers made me smile all weekend long. And just hanging out with you got our minds off of the tough stuff, no?
Your blog is really nice.
I hope you soon have some readers who are searching for help about what you have gone through yourself.

Chris said...

I really like your blog, too. I'm interested in your story and how you are doing these days. I find it very helpful to know how others deal with their disorders. I have had an issue with food since I was a teenager and started putting on weight. I have been super thin and super fat, and not a day goes by that I don't struggle with my self image.

So I applaud you for putting it all out there for others to read, but also for others to learn from and feel kinship to your troubles. People feel like they can reach out to you and find some sort of comfort in your words and your stories. And this way they know they're not alone and that someone else can survive this and get through it all, and write about it, too.

Keep up the good work :)

sandy said...

Thanks guys! I love to blog and like the way it is turning out, but haven't felt like I'm helping anyone yet. Hopefully someday. It kinda gets me down that I'm not reaching anyone, but in the meantime it helps me and makes me feel good to blog and that's what counts I guess.

We all struggle with this issue in some form or another, some worse than others I suppose. We just need to reach out and do the impossible and together we can make a difference. Thanks for believing in me.