Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Feeling Blue

I love to blog and like the way it is turning out, but haven't felt like I'm helping anyone yet. Hopefully someday. It kinda gets me down that I'm not reaching anyone, but in the meantime it helps me and makes me feel good to blog and that's what counts I guess. RIGHT?!?

We all struggle with this issue in some form or another, some worse than others I suppose. We just need to reach out and do the impossible and together we can make a difference. So, thanks for believing in me.

On blue days I normally shut down, but even this small entry has helped, I think!


Chris said...

Oh no, you certainly have reached me! I may not be suffering from what you are (although I certainly have my own body image issues), but I just really feel really inspired when I read about your struggles. I hope you don't lose faith and keep up what you're doing. I know what you mean about not feeling inspired with blogging sometimes. At first, I was getting bummed that no one was reading it and didn't understand me. But people are out there, and word travels fast. Try visiting other blogs like yours, not only to see what they're talking about, but to make new blogging friends. That's what I do, which was recommended by Georgia. It works!

Hang in there :)

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

yes, Sandy—good advice from Chris.

also, search for other blogs with the method I told you about (on your profile page)

you may find some bloggers who are blogging about being in the midst of this issue. you can leave comments and encourage them to visit your blog for some insight and encouragement from your journey.
(not to sound too hoaky.)

i know that you will someday be helping others through your blog and also with your volunteering—when it starts. you are right! if it is helping you, that's what counts—because what helps you, will help others, too.

sandy said...

Thanks both of you. My mood will pass I know, but it still hurts.

I did add profile words and tried to search for key words like: eating disorder and recovery, but I'm the only one who comes up under the search. Not sure what else to do.

Any suggestions?

Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

just google "eating disorder blogs" or something like that. there are other blog "companies" beside Blogger, so you might find something that way.

also, search for a ED help chat site where you can make comments and mention your blog for people to visit.

that's all i got for now, but i will keep thinking about it.


Chris said...

Me too...and I'll keep visiting your blog :)