Friday, August 8, 2008

Divorcing Ed Workshop / Poem

Another great thing I did in my recovery was going to the “Divorcing Ed Workshop” in Nashville. It was the scariest thing to do and yet the most empowering. I met wonderful people, including Jenny, and learned more about myself in that weekend than I have in my whole life. I was so inspired by going I wrote a poem for the occasion and brought it with to share.

The divorcing Ed workshop is where I will be
Don't bother trying to convince me to run or to flee
Registration, Airfare and the Hotel room is booked
Mom’s on board to attend, I’m already hooked
Jules, Jennie and Thom all say they care
It’s the fear, anxiety and the unknown I can’t bear
Will I or won’t I be the fattest one?
The #1 question allowing me no fun
It’s normal they say to feel as I do
Until I see for myself there’s no way through
Ed has his hold as he’s always right
I sit there and take it, I put up no fight
March 31st is the date for the beginning of the end
To send you out, alone on your rear end
I’ll disagree with and disobey you before long
I’ll have more courage to fight you as I’ll be strong
Six years of marriage with so much pain
Divorcing you now, what will I gain?
A life of hope, joy and happiness soon will abound
As you no are no longer inside me making a sound
A life without Ed I WILL pursue
I soon will say, hey Ed we are all through
Get out of my way you no longer rule
Your words mean nothing I am not a fool
You lie and you cheat me out of my life
I no longer will stand being your wife
The papers are signed, get out for good
The time is now, I won’t be misunderstood
Thanks to the workshop I’m on my way
On a recovery path, the real me here to stay

These are some of things/people that affected my recovery in a positive way. I don’t want to stress about all the bad at this point because it was simply a Hell that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. I will share some of my writings and poems from that time in a future blog.

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