Saturday, August 9, 2008

Three Little Angels

I am very close with my family, unfortunately they all live in Minnesota. My brother Chris has three children: Nick 13, Griffin 10 and Paige 7. From day one they touched my heart and still to this day remain my "three little angels". I remember like it was yesterday a trip home, it was the day I was leaving and Nicholas turned to me and said, "I have a picture of you in my heart ". I asked him to explain and he told me that, he has a picture of me in his heart and that when I go away it fades. He couldn't have been more that three or four years old at the time, but wise beyond his years. They are amazing and I am so lucky to have them in my life. They don't exactly understand what I go through and I'm glad, but I do know that they love me unconditionally anyway.

These are a couple of poems I wrote for them as they have grown up:
I remember the day you arrived into this world

a small bundle of joy in my arms you were curled
I could tell from that moment we would share a special love
you were made to be my guardian angles sent from above
as you've grown so has my love for you
you've shown me in many ways that you'll always be true
the memories I have treasured throughout the years
have lead to both laughter and yes, some tears
I resent not being closer to hold your little hand
to ride our bikes to the park and play in the sand
I want to do what "auntie's" do day to day
but, I can only guide and support with the words that I say
please know that I love you with all of my heart
that i will be there when needed to play my big part

Even though they were little they loved it and years later asked me to write them another

footprints in my heart you have made

not time or distance will make them fade
memories we share built on faith and love
you are three little angles sent from above
the kindness, laughter and joy we share
universally let me know how much you care
i will always and forever be on your side
to talk to, listen and to foremost guide
a heart full of pride in all that you do
from baby steps to strides in becoming you
a phone call away I will always be
to cross that distance when you need me
with outstretched arms I await
an "auntie" I am it is my fate

I could never being to express how much they mean to me, but I think they know it.

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