Saturday, August 9, 2008

True Supporter

For the past three years I have lived with my friend Greg. He has been a true supporter for many years and has seen Ed's evil ways eat away at me. Before I moved in with him, I lived on my own for five years with my eating disorder. I had come to the realization that I could no longer do this alone as I was killing myself. He helped me pack up my old life and has been helping me to create a new one without Ed ever since. Ed will always be apart of my life, but it's how I handle his criticism that makes all the difference. In the past I let him control my life and I suffered greatly for it. Now I'm in control and he has to deal with it or leave. Needless to say he hasn't left, but I still remain in control. Greg has helped me to combat Ed's negativity by supporting me, listening when I need a friend and telling him off if needed. He is the most caring, patient and kind person I have ever met and I'm very thankful for his friendship. If he wasn't apart of my life I definitely would've given up long ago.

This is a poem I had written awhile back to symbolize our frienship:
your friendship means alot to me
encouraging me to be all I can be
supporting me through good and bad
even when all I ever feel is sad
as you can see I'm falling apart
but, in you I see a brand new start
your cheerful ways always help me through
times when I feel really blue
when I'm down and feeling lonely
if I asked I know you'd hold me
confused by the path my life has taken
you guide me not to get mad and shaken
give me time to sort things out
and create the life I've dreamed about
have faith, support and believe in me
and only good things will come to be

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Jen said...

that was really sweet of you, you are so lucky to have him as one of your supporters. As one of your friends, I am also grateful to Greg for helping you! I've seen BIG changes in you and I am here to help kill ed!!! :) Luv ya