Monday, August 18, 2008

"You are there through thick and thin"

Alot of my poems start with Ed in control, but as you see I always win in the end!

You are there through thick and thin
In every thought you are my sin
My mind races as it hears your voice
I do what you say I have no choice
All day long I wait and wonder
Home at last and your voice thunders
I do what you say without a thought
Looking around will I get caught
No one is here to see me dying
Inside are fears but no more crying
Will I ever be free to do as I choose
Or must I live to always loose
I have a choice I know it's true
But all alone what do I do
You are my comfort and all my sorrows
Yet all I dream are of better tomorrows
And when I wake it's you I see
I want you to die and leave me be
Get out of here and leave me at rest
On two feet I stand and do my best
I no longer need you at my side
In this body at last I reside

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